OpenSky Tokenomics(OST)

How OpenSky Token allocation works

The total supply of OpenSky tokens (OST) is 100,000,000. The token allocation details are as follows:
  • 10% (10,000,000 OST) Founding Team. As the R&D and operating expenses of the project, it will be used for technical research, project development, and daily operations of the team, which will be vested monthly at 4.17% over 24 months.
  • 2%(2,000,000 OST) Advisor. Allocated to key advisors helping to bring OpenSky to launch and will be vested monthly at 4.17% over 24 months.
  • 7% (7,000,000 OST) Seed sale. It is allocated to investors participating in the seed sale and will be vested quarterly starting three months after TGE at 15% over 15 months.
  • 8% (8,000,000 OST) Strategic sale. It is allocated to investors participating in the private placement and will be vested quarterly after TGE at 13.33% over 15 months.
  • 3% (3,000,000 OST) Public offering. It is allocated to investors participating in the public offering and can be sold anytime after the offering.
  • 2% (2,000,000 OST) Airdrop. It will airdrop to early beta testers and early real market participants engaging in the platform. Half can be sold after one month and the remaining tokens can be sold after two months.
  • 2% (2,000,000 OST) Early liquidity.Early liquidity for exchanges. Available for immediate sale.
  • 10% (10,000,000 OST) Opensky DAO foundation.Used for OpenSky's ecosystem development, commercial cooperation, marketing, etc., and will be vested monthly starting six months after TGE at 5.56% over 18 months.
  • 56% (56,000,000 OST) Mining rewards. It will be released through block rewards and used to maintain the operation of the OpenSky ecosystem. Mining rewards will last 5 yearr and will be vested monthly at 2.08% monthly over 48 months.

How OpenSky Token release works

OpenSky Token Usage

OST is an ERC20-compatible fungible token with a fixed supply that governs OpenSky. The use cases intended for OST include but are not limited to: governance, trading fees, interest: liquidity mining, and staking. Further details regarding each of these use cases can be found below.
  • Governance:The OST token can be used to govern various components of OpenSky Foundation, including loan parameters, exchange parameters, and smart contract upgrades.
  • Trading Fee: During the oToken buying and selling transaction process, OST can be used to pay transaction fees.
  • Interest: NFT stakers pay interest when borrowing from OpenSky.
  • Mining: OST will be utilized as an alternative to stablecoins as margin and collateral reserve token for liquidity pool markets. In some future use cases, OST may also be used for collateral backing or insurance pool staking where stakers can earn additional rewards on their locked tokens.
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